Thursday, December 1, 2011

Into the Unknown....

Going on and on

and on and on….

without a pause...

not  knowing…

not knowing…

and still

not knowing…


Having no aim

Is better than….

to have one and

and not pursue it…



They make you happy.

You let them make

you happy.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Throwing It All Away

There he goes,

another sorry tale.

Tucked amidst failure,

A greatness never explored.

Why Do It?

A dream not worth

dreaming, would that

be a nightmare?


I keep putting away

things I want to do.

I file away my dreams

living a happy fake life.

Nothing To Lose

One needs to care

for something.

A car, a woman or

a Job. Me...

What do I care for.

Yet Again

I can't wait anymore.

It’s never gonna come.

I have to do it

today. Coz tomorrow

is just another lie.

This Is How It Ends

No recycle bin,

No Backup restore.

Shift Delete.


Something, Anything

When home food is

joy for some,

routine for others.

One Lifetime Is Not Enough, Anyway

How much pain can
you endure, when there
is no scope for

how can you live
when you have nothing
to give?

How much can you take
in one lifetime!


Will you let me die,
though I have always
lied to you?

Will you save me,
despite the hurt
I caused?

Will you accept me
and forgive me,
even if I never change?

If you will, why would you
ever do that?

Drudgery Or Fun?

One trip finishes,

another beckons..

There are no stops,

Life goes on!

One Lifetime Is Too Much!

How much can you
Take, when there
is no limit?

How much can you
question, when there
are no answers?

How much can you
give, when you
lack nothing?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Never | Ever

Words have this magic,

of making you feel safe.

When all you can feel

is hollow and empty.


~Words | Sword~

Searching | Reaching

Travel || Ravel

Seeking | Seeing

Wishing || Wings

Never ||| Ever

~Closure || cLoser~

It is so true what they say.
That Death and Taxes are
the only things one can
be sure of.

I once thought that I
could deny them.
But I fall in line.

I just hate it!
Not being in control,
of the one thing I
thought I had.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


The best thing about

winter, is that they get over.

And summer never

Seemed better.


Picking up the Pieces

You lose someone,

You find someone.

Life Goes On.

painful getaways

Every trip is an
opportunity wasted.
To never come back.

When you race through
life, even a small break
can seem long.