Friday, August 15, 2008

Independence day! - 2008

I am feeling so content now. I just want to keep this sense of peace in a safe corner of my mind coz I know that if I ever get confused or when I am unsure about something that I am going to do, I can count on this feeling of peace to get me out of the toughest of situations or the darkest of hours.
I don’t know if what I plan to do is what I want to do. But I’ll never know for sure unless I take it to the finish. I can never learn from other’s experiences the lessons that my own actions teach me.
I saw the Discover India with Michael Wood series. I liked it. A lot.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Train dilemmas

I like traveling by train. And traveling alone is really nice if you have music, food and books to keep you company. I am still not sure if I prefer first class to sleeper. Its quieter here but I like the feel of the wind and the sight of hawkers on the platform. I guess I like the latter.

Traveling by train also makes me think a lot about my motor home.. I miss it a lot. I wish i could start making it. I don't want to wait till I am older. But I guess I have to. There are sooo many things I have to do. I guess ill make a list and put them up on these pages later.

Come to think of it, sitting and lying down in one place is no fun! Its like being sick in bed with everything within reach,with books and music. And who likes to be sick??!

I am going to try talking to this girl. Lets see how big a loser I am... ;)

I miss cake.. :(