Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Never | Ever

Words have this magic,

of making you feel safe.

When all you can feel

is hollow and empty.


~Words | Sword~

Searching | Reaching

Travel || Ravel

Seeking | Seeing

Wishing || Wings

Never ||| Ever

~Closure || cLoser~

It is so true what they say.
That Death and Taxes are
the only things one can
be sure of.

I once thought that I
could deny them.
But I fall in line.

I just hate it!
Not being in control,
of the one thing I
thought I had.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


The best thing about

winter, is that they get over.

And summer never

Seemed better.


Picking up the Pieces

You lose someone,

You find someone.

Life Goes On.

painful getaways

Every trip is an
opportunity wasted.
To never come back.

When you race through
life, even a small break
can seem long.

Never Again.....

Hiding in anonymity,
living a slow death.
All that remains is
flesh, bone and drudgery.

Waiting all the time,
For the one moment
Which will bring back
the glory of the past

~ dis-connect ~

It had to end,
The way it did.
It was because of
The way it started.

The best words are
left unsaid, the best
friends are left behind.

While the pain fades away,
The memories last forever.