Tuesday, November 10, 2009


When you have a question,
look inside you.
The answer is right there.

Just have the courage
to listen to it
and the heart to follow it. 

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Now for the spiritual journey

My life has always been a journey. Lessons learnt, new friends made and forgotten. The places I have seen have left a lasting impression on my soul. I was sure that one day, ill reach a place which will make me kneel and kiss the ground. That, it will make my heart sing and my mind clear. I know that if such a place exists, I will find it here, in India. Or somewhere very close to her.  I am still searching. And I don’t want to find it. I am not ready, Yet!

After all...

Happiness is not Impossible,

All People are not dead inside,

And there are still a few places

Left on my earth.


There are days when you want to cry,

because you are so happy.

There are times when you are stupefied,

On seeing a smile back at you.


The moment  you feel that You

Cant be stopped,

You stop looking.

The day when You

Want nothing,

You stop running.

The time when You relax,

And there is so much peace inside,

You know that You have