Saturday, July 22, 2006

A mother was killed, and so was a daughter and a sister.

Today I came across this news article which reported the murder of a 21 day old baby!!! Not surprisingly, it was a girl.apparently the father had brutally killed the girl to escape the cost of bringing up yet another girl child. The father claims to be innocent but all evidence shows otherwise. When will people of our country (for now India, not long if quota politics continue) realize that the female diety that they pray is the same as the one that they so mercilessly kill, abandon or just ignore. In a country where even a cow is given a status of a mother, the sister's place help high in the family, a son is still considered the torchbearer of one's generation. Its high time.. dat we as a nation step forward as one to prevent such kind of atrocities. I am sure the politics will be of no help. They are too busy bickering over quota and arms deals.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I can’t feel anything. My senses have become numb. As I look in a daze around me, all I see is death, blood, pieces of flesh, parts of body. My senses are working overtime. I hear wails. Children are crying. Adults are screaming. The place is filled with Death. You can see Death. You can hear Death. You can SMELL death. You can feel death...

I am immobilized. I can’t lift a finger to help those around me. I hate myself for my helplessness. I can’t even imagine myself being in the place of the people whose images are on the TV. Their personal agony and moment of grief is on air on the thousands of news channels around the world for everyone to see.

I hear of news reports describing the place as gory... It is not gory. That hand belonged to someone’s son. That is their only way to reach out to the innocent dead. The torn clothes become a relic. The place does not stink of blood. You can smell blood. And this time it does not belong to the chicken or the goat that one relishes.

Everybody will try to cash in on the blasts. News channels will generate record TRPs as people lap up the images of Death and terror. News websites will see record Page views as people read voraciously about the latest updates. Phone companies will hit an all time high as people call up to find out if their near and dear are safe. People will get something new to talk about.

Life will limp back to normalcy after the blasts. People will praise the Mumbaites for the resilience. Their ability to survive floods, riots and blasts within the span of one week. One more new term will be added to the everyday vocabulary – Terror Tuesday. This time it will not be relegated to the domain of stock markets!! One more date will be added to everyday vocabulary – 11/7.

I want to ask. I want to know. I guess nobody will ever tell me. WHY….????? Why did they do this? What kind of humans will have the heart to carry such an evil operation? When did humans become such demons?

What will I tell my mother when she tells me to come back home safely when I am leaving foe work? That I am at the mercy of terrorists? That she should refrain from praying to God for her family’s safety coz God is now just a deity?

What will I tell my sister when she leaves home? To be vary of the traffic? To look out for rapists? To look out for TERRORISTS? And I cannot do anything to protect her. I cannot do anything to protect anyone. So... What is it that I CAN do?? I really want to know!!!!