Friday, October 24, 2008

spacin out...

Have you ever felt everything around you slowing down.. going so slow that if a bullet was fired, you could see it coming toward you, or if you blew some smoke, you could make a million designs before it disappeared..
when all you can make out of an oncoming car are its lights and blurred a motion..
When your head is in a tailspin but you sit motionless, frozen .. when a small bite of mars taste better than the best woman you have been with…
When you have an always on lopsided lazy smile and blank eyes.. when you can't hear a thing around you. your head taking you to the wildest places you have never been to alternating between darkness and flashes of light.
And when you lie down, your body feels like its tumbling down a hill, its insides churning you like one would wring a cloth dry, but you don't move an inch... you can't move an inch..
When you feel soooo light that you can swear that you can fly like a bird , and your brain would believe it.
When the road seems endless and goes on and on and on …. When you can't trust yourself to think beyond the next curve, forcing your head to focus, but it refuses to do so for more than three seconds.
When you feel proud that you were able to cross the road without any incident. When you can't trust yourself to speak a word to anyone, or look at anyone, hating with a vengeance , those who would try to strike a conversation, wanting to just be left alone.