Thursday, January 17, 2008

Parking Space

There are many ways in which your day at work can go wrong.. but I am sure that one of the most common thing that irks one is when you reach your office and find someone else’s vehicle in your parking space.. that’s such a sure shot way of irritating you and laying the stone for a bad day ahead… for the record…. It doesn’t irritate me.. at least not now… this set me thinking on the whole concept of one’s space… we become so possessive about the things that we own.. we like to be in the security of taking things for granted.. And we like sticking to the routine of a familiar life… like a regular restaurant and the same regular menu …

WHY?? How much difference does it really make….? how does it matter if someone else was sleeping on my bed. as long as its empty when I want to sleep… what difference does it make on where I eat and how I eat..? table manners and etiquette be damned…

When we talk about our space…. what is it does we really become possessive about…? its not just your room. Its the toilet.. its the shared system we use at work… its the public transport.. its the reason why companies which “ customize “ your systems sell more.. it’s the reason why holiday packages are customized ( jain food in Europe…!! ) and the regular comforts of a life that you are used to…

why is it difficult for people to let go of these creature comforts… are they really as important as they are portrayed to be… ?

space is abstract and endless. its the mindset of the people that is limited…

and me.. am glad I have this space… and this is all I need.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rainbow Beach

Whoever said Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away must have been looking at the Rainbow Beach in Dhanushkoti. I don’t know what its real name is, I don’t even think if it has a name, I don’t care if it’s got a name, but for me, it will always be the Rainbow Beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches I have come across. The tall waves crashing into the white sand and the foam result in a beautiful kaleidoscope of hues that is truly a sight to behold.

The sea and the sky look like they are competing with each other to be the best shade of blue that can be. I never realised until then how much colours affect me, and the fact that blue is my favourite just added to the entire magical experience. How I wish I had a sail boat to tackle those waves!!!

As I stood there and stared at the fury of the sea as wave after wave of colours came toward me, I was glad that this beach had escaped the vulgar exploitation that afflicts some of the best beaches in India. There was not a single soul present there and this small temple with its incomprehensible inscriptions and flowers stood guard over the pristine wonder.

IF there was a place where the Rainbow truly ends, it must be this, and I want to return to it to find my pot of gold!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year

What would be a better way to begin the year than sitting on an upturned boat staring at a sea so black that one cannot differentiate between water and sky The strong wind and the soft sand beneath the feet, nothing but thoughts for company, the comforting security that comes with being alone, and the occasional splash of water makes it the perfect moment. When you have the Air, Water, Earth, Fire and a Joint, everything looks like it did when it was just created…

And as the clock struck Twelve, the sea and the sky became distinguishable, with the skies turning a bright orange thanks to a naval fleet welcoming the year with powerful flares , I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but there at that moment…..