Thursday, September 4, 2008

All that Noise!!

I hate the noise around me. The stupid jokes, the senseless banter, the mindless conversations... I put up with it as long as possible.. knowing I will have to soon shut it down by plugging my earphones and listening to some sane music… I try to delay it as long as I can… hoping that they would just shut up..

They never do!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

That's what they tell us….

That we need to do what we are told… that rules are there to keep us safe.. that there is judgement day .. that we are being watched all the time… that there is destiny… that there is karma and rebirth… that what goes around comes around… that money is the nirvana of life… that life is full of compromises… that we need to live with incompetancy and dishonesty… that the powerful will always get their way… that there is nothing like a free will.. that being happy is defined by rich, successful and married.. that the only thing certain in life is Death and Taxes..

I said … shut the fuck up.

Monday, September 1, 2008


I wake up on the road side in the middle of the night. Not knowing how I reached there or what I was doing there. Knowing that I was looking for something, someone… searching for myself probably. The only thing comfortable about the spot I was in was my blanket – a blue one , which I buried myself in and tried to sleep again.

I could sense some cycle rickshaws going past me. Saw one with a girl in a burkha. In my half asleep state, I knew she was good looking. She had some bags, so I assumed she is going to the railway station. I also knew that it was around four in the morning and thought it strange that there are so many vehicles at this time of the night. It struck me that anyone who sees me would be surprised that an homeless person on the streets would have such a cozy blanket. I just hid into it and fell asleep.

I woke up with the sun and began to get my bearings. My backpack was a few feet away from me and my Swiss knife with my keys was some distance away. As I was picking the stuff , I realized that a guy was constantly staring at me. I folded my blanket and then I was folding my sheet on which I had laid on the road, when I saw that a little bit of it was in a gutter. I felt disgusted. I dint throw it away though. I began to look for a laundry asking people around.
I had thought this place looked like Mt Road near Spencer’s, but then, there are no cycle rickshaws in Chennai.

I kept walking and came across a weird dispensary – the size of an Igloo. I was thinking that I should have spent the night here when I realized that there was no way of getting into it. As I walked further, I saw a building, some kind of an hostel for women. I saw a servant wrapped in a towel getting inside. As I passed some windows, I saw two women who I thought looked very familiar...

to be cont...