Saturday, July 22, 2006

A mother was killed, and so was a daughter and a sister.

Today I came across this news article which reported the murder of a 21 day old baby!!! Not surprisingly, it was a girl.apparently the father had brutally killed the girl to escape the cost of bringing up yet another girl child. The father claims to be innocent but all evidence shows otherwise. When will people of our country (for now India, not long if quota politics continue) realize that the female diety that they pray is the same as the one that they so mercilessly kill, abandon or just ignore. In a country where even a cow is given a status of a mother, the sister's place help high in the family, a son is still considered the torchbearer of one's generation. Its high time.. dat we as a nation step forward as one to prevent such kind of atrocities. I am sure the politics will be of no help. They are too busy bickering over quota and arms deals.