Tuesday, September 2, 2008

That's what they tell us….

That we need to do what we are told… that rules are there to keep us safe.. that there is judgement day .. that we are being watched all the time… that there is destiny… that there is karma and rebirth… that what goes around comes around… that money is the nirvana of life… that life is full of compromises… that we need to live with incompetancy and dishonesty… that the powerful will always get their way… that there is nothing like a free will.. that being happy is defined by rich, successful and married.. that the only thing certain in life is Death and Taxes..

I said … shut the fuck up.


Thrishika said...

Yes, and i was thinking of having a suggestion box nailed to my head.. come come, tell me how to live!! *shuts both ears and kills self* ugh!

Niharika said...

but i expected better *shakes head sadly*

Sam said...