Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please Help!!

I have a friend who is doing her B TECH Computer Science and is in her Third Year. And the placements would start in January I guess. With the recession and the hiring freeze in the IT Companies , all of them are pretty worried.

Can you please help her with the following: ( From your experience as an engineering student )

What are the things that she needs to be prepared for a placement interview.

What are the current sectors in the IT industry or generally, which offer good job prospects.

Any personal advice in terms of preparation from your experience?

and any contacts that you have in the field ( TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, CTS, .. anything... ) who may be able to guide her...

Thanks in advance... Please forward this to your contacts if you have to..



Ravi K S said...

Given this phase of time, there may not be too many companies coming in for recruitment..

Apart from the Techie skills - what matters more is the communications skills..

I did not understand what exactly you meant by "current sectors in IT which offer good job"


Karan said...

hi Ravi.. Sorry for replying so late.. I guess the IT sector is so screwed.. and am writing this comment after the Satyam Fiasco.. so the above post is meaningless.. God save them now..

anyways.. when I said "current sectors in IT which offer good job" I meant specialising in certain fields within IT like say Networks and its security aspects.. I think this one has huge potential...

how did you come across this blog by the way...