Monday, February 23, 2009


Piercing pain is all I want,
Reckless abandon is what I am.
Sand in my open eyes, I see the light,
As the cold runs down my spine.
I am alive, like I never was.

This is where we part our ways,
Beautiful stranger.
We had our share of good times
It’s now time for goodbye.
Mope not, for crying out loud.
We may never meet again
Good riddance.

You are not awesome
Not even close to being good.
So stop bullshitting yourself
coz it ain't gonna make a
million bucks. So shut up,
wake up, and go back
to your boring staid job.

I don't care what you say
So shut up.
I don't care what you do
So get lost.
I don't want you to console me
I am not broken, yet.
Just leave me alone,
And that's all you can do.